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Machine Washable | Free shipping on all orders over $99 | 30 Day Returns
Machine Washable | Free shipping on all orders over $99 | 30 Day Returns
Wash. Dry. Repeat...

Wash. Dry. Repeat...

We understand you want a mat that lasts for years while keeping your home both clean and beautiful. This is why we invented the most durable Wash+Dry™ mat over 50 years ago.

All of our washable mats are sized to go into your washer
and dryer. Yes, even our runners!

Here’s how you do it:

#2  DRY
#3 REPEAT...

As often as you want!

Wash+Dry™ Care Instructions

  • Machine wash on medium soil setting and warm water temperature.
  • Use one tablespoon of detergent per mat, or one wash pod.
  • Do not use bleach.
  • Insert mat in washer with fabric facing outward, rubber facing inward.
  • If needed, balance washing machine with more than one mat, or with an equally sized item.
  • Select water level that will provide ample coverage during wash cycle.
  • Tumble dry on medium heat or air dry. Mat will dry quickly so just select a few minutes to dry.
  • Any creases will diminish once mat is placed on floor.

Extra Tips

  • Once your mat has been washed and dried for the first time the fabric will become softer and more plush.
  • Regurarly washing and drying your mat will enhance the long-term performance of trapping dirt, moisture and allergens. You will love how long the quality will last.
  • Have pets or excess dirt on the mat? Vacuum mats before washing to remove excess debris.
  • For extra stain removal pretreat with NON-BLEACH carpet cleaner or fabric stain remover.
  • Capacity Recommendation: Read your washing machine and dryer capacity limits.
For more information regarding mat care please call: 888-701-6767 or email