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Save 15% and Free Shipping on all products! Code Joy15!
Save 15% and Free Shipping on all products! Code Joy15!

Holiday Mats, Rugs, & Runners from Wash+Dry™ by Studio 67

Holiday Mats, Rugs, & Runners 

Bring the joy of season in your home with beautiful Wash+Dry™ Holiday Mats, Rugs, & Runners . Wash+Dry™ combines the easy-to-clean properties of a floor mat with the visual appeal of an exclusively designed area rug.  

Attractive, high-performance washable Mats, Rugs, & Runners Wash+Dry™ by Studio 67, effectively trap dirt, dust, and allergens. Mats stop damaging moisture entering your home, keeping your home clean, beautiful and safe. Low-profile, dense pile our hallway rugs and mats made of high-quality nylon does not jam your door and is soft, durable, and stain resistant.

All Wash+Dry™ indoor mats are washer and dryer safe a well as color fast with a mild detergent.

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"I love these mats. They go right in the washing machine and clean up perfectly. I’ve had them for years and they look as good now (after many washings) as they did brand new. Highly recommend for pet owners!"