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Free shipping on all orders over $125.
Behind the brand: Why Studio 67 became Wash+Dry - Wash+Dry™ Mats

Behind the brand: Why Studio 67 became Wash+Dry

Over the past few months there have been big changes at Studio 67, starting with the name. Why did Studio 67 became Wash+Dry?

We wanted to refresh our name to reflect our products best feature, the ability to wash and dry our mats in your home laundry room. Unless otherwise stated, all Wash+Dry™ mats can be laundered at home, using a minimal amount of detergent, and they will hold up to years of service. Our Cape Cove mats are an exception to the rule, you cannot machine wash them but they can be easily cleaned with a hose and a scrub brush (if needed). The craftsmanship and technology built into our high-quality products will astonish you. Where most mats begin to degrade, fade, and fall apart after each wash cycle, we specifically designed ours so they will not bend, buckle, ripple, or create that annoying crease that typically appears on lesser quality mats. These are the same mats you have purchased from Studio 67 in the past, the only difference is the Wash+Dry label.


Any Questions about us and our name change, please contact us at

~ The Wash+Dry / Studio 67 Team

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